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TOP-660 universal lathe

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Precision and long lasting machine with wide technological  possibilities and high quality execution. They conform to and are marked with CE mark. This machines are used in several  branches of the industries for high efficiency cutting as well as for high precision finish cutting.  Rich ribbed cast iron of the wide bed and the whole main body guarantee high stiffness of the unit. The bed ways are hardened and precision grounded. The headstock is stiff design rich ribbed is Cast iron. The spindle has 3 precision bearings, one ball and two taper.  Slides have large dimensions and are very easy to move. The stiff design tailstock with the long movement of the tailstock quill.  Wide range of the feeds and threads without necessity of quadrant gears changing. All gears in the headstock are hardened and grounded.




Swing over the bed

Ø 660 mm

Swing over the cross sidle

Ø 440 mm

Spindle face to tailstock quill face distance

1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000 mm

bed width

400 mm

Gap length

300 mm

Maximum swing in the gap

Ø 890 mm

Spindle bore

Ø 85 (opcja Ø 120) mm

Spindle nose taper:

Ø 90 (1:20) / MT5
opcja Ø 126 (1:20) MT5

Spindle nose



Taper in tailstock quill

M.T. nr5

Number/ range of spindle speeds

12 / 15 – 1500 obr/mm

(OPCJA: 10 - 1000 obr/min)

Number / range of longitudinal feeds

18 / 0,05 – 0,82 mm/obr

Number / range of cross feeds

17 / 0,02 – 0,4 mm/obr

INumber/range of metric threads

24 / 0,5 – 14 mm

Number/range of inch  threads

44 / 56 – 2 zw./cal

Number/range of modular  threads

24 / 0,5 – 14 TT mm

Number/range of DP  threads (DIAMETRAL PITCH)

44 / 56 – 2 zw / TT cal

Cross sidle travel

375 mm

Tool slide movement

200 mm

Tailstock quill diameter / Tailstock quill movement

Ø 85 / 165 mm

Cross movement of the tailstock

±5 mm

Main motor power

7,5 kW (opcja 11 kW wolnoobrotowy)

Machine dimensions
(L x W x H)

2380, 2900, 3470, 3980, 4730, 5550 mm 
x 1530 mm x 1300 mm

Machine weight

2280, 2630, 2980, 3230, 3700, 4910 kg




 • four way toolpost
 • thread gauge
 • gab bed
 • kieł stały MT5 do wrzeciona
 • reduction sleeve MT7 / MT5
 • set of change Gerard for quadrant
 • 3 jaw self centering chuck Ø315 [mm]
 • adjustable hard dog or longitudinal movement
 • cooling system
 • halogen spotlight


 • rotary center for the tailstock
 • 4 jaw chuck Ø400
 • facing plate Ø500
 • DRO for tool position in X, Z i Z1 axis
 • Quick change toolpost
 • Colet chuck for bars
 • Stepless spindle rotation adjustment with DRO of current value
 • Taper turning attachment
 • rear toolpost
 • Grinding attachments for inside/outside grinding to be set in place of toolpost
 • Fix and following steadies with roller


Możliwość wykonania różnych stopni mechanizacji i automatyzacji oraz wykonania pod specjalne życzenie klienta.

Zastrzegamy możliwość zmian konstrukcyjnych i wyposażeń.


Tokarka uniwersalna konwencjonalna do metalu typ TOP-660

ZDT TOP PORĘBA Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.
ul. Czesława Mierzejewskiego 10, 42-480 Poręba

phone: +48 32 67 74 130

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Tokarka konwencjonalna TOP-660 - TOP Poręba

TOP PORĘBA's range of metalworking machines includes LATHES, MILLING MACHINES, DRILLING MACHINES, CUTTING MACHINES. Each lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, and saw has a wide range of standard and optional accessories.
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