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„Top” was founded in march 1994 in Poręba, known worldwide for their machine tools.

Our Machine tools are being made based on our long researches of world machines markets, from where we import many components, parts and castings with selected high quality while remaining at lowest possible costs. Thanks to these attributes and our highly trained and experienced specialists, we are able to build for wide range of reliable, long lasting machine tools of high quality in reasonable prices.





We are also providing quick both guarantee and post-guarantee servicing, as well as constant supply of spare parts. We provide technical advisory to help in using our machines in most efficient possible way. In our offer you will find vast variety of accessories and tools, we will customize machine to your needs.

We make all necessary equipment, test and implement it into production with the newest technologies by its side. Our shipments are comprehensive to fully arm work stations in tools and all essential accessories as well as staff trainings.

Staff trainings are complementary on machine acceptance.

All of machines that we produce have CE certificate, confirming compliance with applicable European Union regulations.


To our band saw machines we offer continuous supply of band saws blades and welding of them if needed, infeed and outfeed roller conveyor, plunger and retracting devices for package cutting, work mechanization devices.

Every band saw machines can be made in any given level of automatization.

To milling and to drilling machines we offer H/V turn table with precise dividing function and the tailstock, water cooling systems, Stepless power table feed, semi-automatic tapping function, stepless adjustment of spindle rotation with inverter, multi-drill head, collet chucks with set of collets for mill clamping and many more to meet our customer’s needs.

Regardless of  “MEX” and “TOP” machines that we make and present, we also have in our offer band saw machines with cutting diameter above 330mm, from worldwide known producers. We may also make an offer or help in purchase of practically any given machine to match user needs and expectations.

Please visit our company for detailed presentation. We enable testing our machines on any given by you material before the decision of a purchase.

ZDT TOP PORĘBA Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.
ul. Czesława Mierzejewskiego 10, 42-480 Poręba

tel.: +48 32 67 74 130
e-mail: biuro@top.nom.pl

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TOP PORĘBA posiada w swojej gamie obrabiarki do metalu TOKARKI, FREZARKI, WIERTARKI, PRZECINARKI.Każda TOKARKA, FREZARKA, WIERTARKA, PRZECINARKA posiada szeroką gamę wyposażeń standardowych oraz opcjonalnych. Tokarka konwencjonalna oraz frezarka konwencjonalna to podstawowe maszyny do narzędziowni, w działaniach utrzymania ruchu itp.Nasze przecinarki tasmowe oraz wiertarki wieloczynnościowe sprawiają się zarówno w małych zakładach jak i przy produkcji.
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