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PST-200 Lathe Grinding Attachment

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Grinding attachment for external and internal grinding on universal lathes. It is attached in the place of four-way post. It considerably widens technological capabilities of a lathe. It grinds with high precision and finish, often replacing need to buy and install more expensive stationary grinders.

Lathe Grinding Attachment PST-200


max diameter of grinding wheel      Ø200 mm      
max width of grinding wheel 20 mm
max length of rider for inside grinding 160mm
grinding wheel dimensions for inside grinding (diameter x width x inside hole):
end of grinding rider diameter 10mm wheel size 30 x 32 x 10mm
end of grinding rider diameter 13mm wheel size 40 x 32 x 13mm
diameter of the unattended grinding spindle Ø70 mm
dog for grinding wheel with option it balancing Ø32mm
max diameter for outside grinding (with wheel Ø200 mm) :
for TOP – 400 lathe Ø 90 mm
for TOP – 560 lathe Ø 330 mm
min diameter for outside grinding (with wheel Ø 200 mm) Ø20 mm
spindle revolution (for outside grinding) 3100 rpm
spindle revolution (for inside grinding) 11500 rpm
motor power  / power supply 1,5 kW / 3 x 400V




Dog of grinding wheel

Rider for inside grinding


Poniżej zdjęcia przystawki szlifierskiej PST-200 zainstalowanej na tokarce konwencjonalnej produkcji TOP PORĘBA - TOP-560

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PST-200 Lathe Grinding Attachment - TOP Poręba

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